SAMPE Journal of Advanced Materials and Structures

SAMPE members gain access to the 2018 Journal of Advanced Materials – 2018 Best Papers Collection.

Every year SAMPE chooses to publish a special edition of the Journal of Advanced Materials (JAM) which contains the selection of the North America Region’s Outstanding Technical Papers from the two annual conferences held in 2018: SAMPE Long Beach 2018 and CAMX Dallas 2018. The authors submitted technical papers numbering upwards of 500-600 overall that were then reviewed by a select conference editorial review team. These peer-reviewed technical papers were then evaluated and the “best” technical papers were selected for inclusion in this special edition. For SAMPE Long Beach 2018, the review process selected three (3) technical papers from the entire number of presented technical papers. The process of selection for CAMX Dallas 2018 was slightly different. There were 8 technical “tracks” within the overall technical paper program. Consequently, there was one “best” technical paper selected from each “track”. The result was a set of 8 papers from the CAMX program. SAMPE and the paper reviewers feel that these professional technical papers represent the innovation, technology advancement, and application of materials and process engineering exhibited in advancing state-of-the-art M&P technology.

Scott W. Beckwith, PhD, FSAMPE
SAMPE Global Technical Director
Journal of Advanced Materials Technical Editor