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Our Founders

The Society of Aircraft Material and Process Engineers

Founding Members

On March 17, 1944, nine material and process engineers representing five aircraft companies met at Northrop Aircraft Company in Hawthorne, CA.  These were the people who created what we now call “SAMPE."

Virgil K. Crawford, Airesearch Company

Walter E. Davidson, Lockheed Aircraft

Dennis Friedland, Douglas Aircraft

Robert Janssen, North American Aviation

Mitchell Raskin, Northrop Aircraft

Manuel Sanz, Consolidate Vultee

Howard Sipple, Lockheed Aircraft

Dean Williams, North American Aircraft

Homer Young, Douglas Aircraft

Robert (Bob) Janssen was selected to be the first chair of the Society.  Between 1944 and 1960, the group was based in Los Angeles with chapters in LA, St. Louis and Seattle.  A president was not elected until the group became known as SAMPE National.  In 1960, Bernard “Lefty” Silverman was selected to our first national president.