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Formerly named the SAMPE Space Award, this award honors those who have dedicated exceptional service to the Society, promoting the ideals of SAMPE, extending over many years.


Mort Kushner (1922-1999) best exemplified the ideals of volunteer spirit. A long-time enthusiastic member of the SAMPE Seattle Chapter, Mort was very active in both the local and international levels of SAMPE for 40 years, serving as International President for three terms, 1968-70.  Please submit your nomination to the SAMPE office, attention Letrice Barge, letrice@sampe.org


CLICK HERE to view the procedures for selecting and awarding the SAMPE Mort Kushner Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Nominations are due on February 15th of each year.

Awardees will be honored during the SAMPE Awards Ceremony at CAMX - The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo.

ALL Mort Kushner Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

1989      Mort Kushner

1992      Margaret Smith

1995      Stuart M. Lee

1997      James E. Bell

1998      William G. Long

2000      Ernst F. Schiantarelli

2006      W.M. “Bill” Heimerdinger

2008      Markus Erath

2008      Ralph Carson

2009      Michael Novak and Syra Novak

2014      George Schmitt

2016      James T. Johnson

2016      Adrie Kwakernaak

2016      Anthony E. Saliba
2017      David Carlton
               George Epstein