Message from the President


March 21, 2022

Dear Members of SAMPE:

The Global Board has been actively working to develop and implement a strategic plan that strengthens our regional position in China, Europe, Japan, and North America and expands our international footprint to advance SAMPE’s global standing as a recognized leader in advanced material solutions and application. This global community will foster a more meaningful exchange of ideas, technologies, and innovations to collectively address global challenges such as energy transformation, sustainability, manufacturing processes, and advanced material adoption.

Since the inception of the present global structure, the board has recognized the importance of protecting the integrity of the SAMPE brand and identifying opportunities for strategic expansion. An important part of this effort is to create a truly inclusive global community to ensure that all regions are represented and provided the necessary support to expand membership and enhance conference programming. The recognition and elevation of SAMPE’s global leaders, innovators, and contributors remain central to our mission of celebrating the contributions made in advanced materials. SAMPE’s renowned global awards, including Fellow and honor namesakes such as George Lubin, Mort Kushner, and Akio Shindo, showcase the best of our material and process family.

Recently, the board has delved more deeply into how the society can promote the brand and extend membership. Our global community has grown by 17% over the last year despite the global pandemic thanks to the calculated efforts of the Regional Leadership and support of a very active volunteer community. The increase in membership has also resulted in the North American region gaining an extra seat on the global board in 2022.

SAMPE’s global expansion can also be attributed to the renewed enthusiasm of students and young professionals. Our academic network in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, can be further leveraged to promote the creation of even more new student chapters. In addition to increased student activations, the global board has restarted talks with India and has, very excitedly, just approved the admission of Brazil as our newest global chapter, and we congratulate them!

The strategies in promoting the brand are focused on global dissemination of technical information, enabled by the new SAMPE 365 platform, updating the SAMPE Journal, and engagement of the SAMPE Fellows. SAMPE 365 is a powerful platform where chapters can create communal technology exchange, hold virtual meetings, and interact without geographic limitations. We are working with the global board and regional leadership to train our members on discovering the value of this platform, which can connect us in many ways.

The SAMPE Journal has remained the society’s flagship publication for technical and market information, and a committee chaired by Dr. Jyrki Vuorinen is examining the structure of the editorial board and how to expand the journal’s service to all our global regions. Our SAMPE Fellows, who are bestowed one of the most prestigious awards by the society, also serve as a deep technical resource that the global board is engaging to become active in providing inputs on current and future technologies. The overarching strategic committee is developing global materials and process technology themes that can provide programming at all our international events.

Overall, the global board has been extremely busy despite not being able to meet in person as a full body this year, and I know that with their leadership, SAMPE will be stronger than ever.  

-Nick Gianaris 
SAMPE Global President