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George Lubin, an originator of reinforced plastics and pioneer in the development and implementation of advanced composites for primary structures had a long and distinguished career. George was quick to realize the importance of SAMPE in the mid-1960's and founded the SAMPE New York Chapter. Through his efforts and worldwide recognition, he led early international meetings including the first US-USSR non-metallics fair for which he was awarded a service medal by the then U.S. President Nixon.


George Lubin, a graduate engineer holding B.Ch.E and M.S. Ch.E from CCNY and long time SAMPE Fellow had led early composite development at the New York Applied Science Labs, Basson Industries, and a long and distinguished career at Grumman Aerospace Corporation from which he retired as Chief Scientist. George had received many awards and accolades from several high-ranking government, university, and industrial officials for his untiring work to advance material science and processing for the betterment of society throughout the world.


Upon his death, the SAMPE organization was quick to recognize his over 50 years of composites development work by establishing the George Lubin Award. This award is given to recognize others who have made significant contributions in the field of material and process engineering. The industry surely misses George's honesty, wit, and hard working ethic that always got the job done effectively and efficiently. The George Lubin Award allows us to remember the man and helps us to initiate his strong desire to teach, lead, and reward advancements in both technology and world friendship. 

Nominations are due on February 15th of each year.

Awardees will be honored during the SAMPE Awards Ceremony at CAMX - The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo.


Dr. Allan Crasto, Chair, George Lubin Memorial Award


All George Lubin Memorial Award Recipients

1986        Melvin M. Schwartz

1987        Stephen W. Tsai

1988        Tito T. Serafini

1991        Stephanie L. Kwolek

1994        Philip M. Condit

1995        Elbert L. Rutan

1996        George Epstein

1997        W. Brandt Goldsworthy

1998        Raymond J. Palmer

1999        Vincent J.Russo

2003        George K. Muellner

2004        Thaddeus H. Sandford

2006        Jon B. DeVault

2012        Dr. Leslie J. Cohen

2016        Dr. John Tracy

2017        Dr. Charles Browning

2018        Larry Ashton