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The SAMPE Delmonte Award for Excellence was established by John Delmonte in 1981. It is intended to encourage outstanding contributions in the field of materials and processes throughout the world; to acknowledge major achievements by honoring distinguished individuals in the field of materials and processes, and disseminate those technical achievements among the members of the materials and processes community.


Application submissions may be completed by an individual or a team responsible for the most significant impact of the achievement or commercialization, or the most significant impact of the material or technology if not yet commercialized. A nominee's primary qualification must be an outstanding contribution to the field of materials and processes. This includes areas of engineering, science, research, and production. The candidate's work will be evaluated based on high technical achievement, benefit to the material and process engineering community and innovative or of breakthrough quality.

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Applications are due on February 15th of each year.

SAMPE Delmonte Award Recipients

1982        Warren M. Jensen, Boeing

1983        Sidney W. Street, HITCO

1984        John P. Tipton, General Electric

1985        Dave Diveche, Naval Surface Weapons Center

                 Honorable Mention:

                 Hatso Imide, Case Western Reserve

                 Leo Windecker, U.P. Research

                 Bill Long and Helen Moeller, Babcock & Wilcox


1986       Clyde H. Sheppard, Boeing


1987       Roscoe A. Pikes, United Technology Research Center


1988       Alphonsus Pocius, 3M


                Honorable Mention:

                Carl Zweben, General Electric

                Michael Piggott, University of Toronto


1989       Dennis E. Nolen, DuPont

                Allied Signal 5-person team:

                D.C. Prevorsek

                G.A. Harpell

                Y.D. Kwon

                H.L. Li

                S.A. Young