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The SAMPE Journal is the Society's membership journal and features both technical articles and feature articles in each issue that comes out to the bi-monthly publication. These articles are generally written to the SAMPE Journal Editorial Calendar that focuses on specific themes or topics. In order to maintain the high standards associated with these articles, this set of instructions are designed to provide the author(s) with firm guidelines in preparing the article manuscript, text and graphics for publication in a timely manner.  

The following instructions are designed to assist the author(s) in submitting a technical article or feature article for the SAMPE Journal publication. These instructions are also defined so that the author(s) submittal materials are fully compatible with SAMPE publication equipment in order to insure the highest quality material for the publication. The SAMPE Journal distribution reaches both the SAMPE Membership internationally as well as being distributed at several conferences each year in the USA, Europe, Japan and Regionally. It is also distributed to permanent subscribers at companies, universities and library institutions. 

The following is a brief summary of the Instructions for successfully submitting your technical article or feature article to the SAMPE Journal for publication:

  • Submit one electronic copy in Microsoft Word format
  • Number the pages consecutively.
  • Refer to graphs, diagrams and illustrations as: Figure 1, Figure 2, etc. and include all captions.
  • Refer to tables as: Table 1, Table 2, etc. and include all titles.
  • Do NOT 'embed' tables, graphs, illustrations, photos, diagrams, etc. within the paper text. Put these items into a SEPARATE FILE for submittal.
  • All such artwork/graphics should be submitted as photos or originals and will be accepted as electronic files IF they are `TIF' or `EPS'
  • file format. The minimum resolution should be 350 dpi.
  • Identify original materials on the backside with the corresponding figure number and caption.

Send all of the materials to:
SAMPE Journal Technical Editor
Attn: Dr. Scott W. Beckwith
4956 S. Jordan Canal Road
Taylorsville, UT 84129

Phone: 801.262.8307
Fax: 801.262.1431
Email: swbeckwith@aol.com