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Representative for the Japan Region

Representative for the China Region

Prof. Yiping Qiu, Ph.D.

Professor and Director
Shanghai Key Lab of Advanced Micro & Nano Textile Materials, College of Textiles, Donghua University Songjian Campus
2999 North Renmin Road, Songjian District
​Shanghai, PR 201620 China

Phone: +86 216-237-8837
Email: ypqiu@dhu.edu.cn

Tsuyoshi Ozaki, PhD

Composites R&D, Co., Ltd.
Azabu Green Terrace
5th Floor 3-20-1 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 106-0047 Japan

Phone: +81 3 6859 8521

Arnt Offringa

​Fokker Aerostructures BV
NL-7900 AB Hoogeveen
Netherlands H030

+31 528 285343

Tim Shaughnessy

President and CEO

Rapid Cure Technologies, Inc. 7030 Fly Road East Syracuse, NY 13057

Phone: +1.315-399-8055

Nicholas Gianaris, Ph.D., PE, FAS

Vice President, Business Development
General Manager, Materials Tech Div.

Aavid Thermacore, Inc.
440 Jonathan Wiley Road
Belle Vernon, PA 15012

Phone: +1.412-305-4028
Email: nicholas.gianaris@aavid.com

Paul Wienhold

Principal Professional Staff

Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Lab, Rm 15-W132
11100 Johns Hopkins Rd
Laurel, MD 20723-6099
Phone: +1.443.778.3165
Email: paul.wienhold@jhuapl.edu

Representatives for the North America Region

Ted Lynch


Strategic Marketing Innovations, Inc.
1020 19th Street NW, Suite 375
Washington, DC 20036

Phone: +1.202-467-5459

Brent Strong, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Brigham Young University
8254 S. Creative Place
​Sandy, UT 84093-6480

Phone: +1.385-695-9696
Email: brentstrong@me.com

Prof. Paolo Ermanni, PhD

Leonhardstrasse 21
Lab of Composite Materials LLE 0 201
​CH-8092 Zuerich, CH Switzerland


Representatives for the Europe Region

Representatives for the Past Presidents

Steven R. Rodgers


EmergenTek LLC
1207 E. Tamara Street Sandy, UT 84094

​​ Phone: +1.801-259-8450
Email: steven.r@emergentek.com

Toshio Tanimoto, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Shonan Institute of Technology

​Shonan-AML, Inc. Room 8, SFIC, Fujisawa-Shokokaikan
607-1 Fujisawa, Fujisawa City
​Kanagawa, 251-0052 JAPAN


Global board of Directors